Google Earth

Explore the Bible lands in 3-D using Google Earth.

Satellite imagery and aerial photography gives us a unique perspective of geography by showing terrain and elevation, relative scale between land masses, and has a helpful ruler tool to measure distances. There are also crowd-sourced 3-D buildings to explore and panoramic photographs at popular locations. The Street View feature allows you to enter the model as if you were standing there yourself! As my students say, “Let’s drop a man there!”

Free Download:

How to use:

  1. Download the desktop version or use the online version for Chrome (link above)
  2. Navigate to locations by typing in an address, using the arrow keys and mouse, or searching for a location – download my free files below as a starting point
  3. Explore!


Give it a try using my free files!

The links below will take you to free downloadable Google Earth (kmz) files which contain the locations found in the Bible stories. These are ones that I created to show my Bible classes. We spent lots of time just exploring the sites, using the ruler tool, going into street view, and looking at the panoramic pictures. Viewing the actual size and scale of landmarks and plotting the journeys of characters can really bring the Bible story to life!

Remember to save the file to your computer, open in Google Earth, and then Save My Places to keep it in your local Google Earth application.

Old Testament:

New Testament: