Welcome to Geo-Logos!

This is an educational site focusing on the geography, culture, and history of the Bible.

Why the name Geo-Logos? And how do you pronounce it?

These Greek words combine to mean ‘the world (geography) of the Word (Bible)’.
Geo (/ˈjēō/) + Logos (/ˈlōɡōs/) = Geo-Logos!

This site has three main sections:

  • By the Book is a section that contains in-depth Bible studies on specific books.
  • Bookshelf contains excellent books, videos, and references.
  • Google Earth is a page with instructions on how to download and use Google Earth for Bible Study.

Be sure to check out other curated content from Geo-Logos:

  • Pinterest contains free Bible maps, charts, infographics, and hands-on activities
  • YouTube has some amazing videos of the Bible lands and educational videos
  • Facebook links to current events and news stories related to Biblical archaeology and the Holy Land

Have fun exploring the geography, culture, and history of the Bible!